Modern and attractive

The 5 chamber system and the 2 sealing elements prevent any thermo linkages and block sound propagation
Maximum stability: The reinforcement steel elements guarantee a safe and long lasting functioning
Resists to bad weather. The window doesn't allow dirt build-up. The window is also extremely easy to clean and maintain, because of the window's perfectly sealed surfaces
Multiple color variations: high quality window coating gives you the possibility to choose from a whole range of colors. All of Astra Roger's windows are available in a wide range of colors or models. If requested, we can also paint your windows in a non-standard RAL color.
"AD" round profile that allows safe and durable solutions for interesting windows and doors models
Optimal protection against wind and bad weather. The welded sealing elements assure an efficient protection against bad weather
The 73 mm mounting depth profile is the ideal frame for an exquisite window model. In this case, we combine the beautiful and ageless optics of the round profiles with the advantages of the most modern window production techniques
Optimal thermo and sound protection that gives you quality and a quiet environment at a considerable low energy cost. We have thought about everything concerning the life expectancy and maintenance comfort, Thus, the 5 chambers window profile sets new dimensions. The sealed surface resists extremely well to the bad weather and is also very easy to maintain. The round window profiles' shape helps draining the rainwater in a very efficient manner.



  • Class A profile system with 5 chambers, AD series, 100% made in Germany
  • 73 mm profile mounting depth
  • Total width: 83 mm
  • Fine arched shapes in the exterior sash
  • Antistatic treated windows
  • Available in white, any other RAL color of veneer imitation
  • Arched rod25 degrees inclination for the profiles' shape
  • Welded fittings, with 2 isolation chambers, colored in grey or black
  • Exceptional flexibility
  • 3 (1+2) glass sheets can be mounted
  • All the hardware elements are solidly fixed in the existent casings of the PVC windows
  • Excellent sound insulation, because of the deep chambers




You can choose any color from the RAL color range:

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