ASTRA ROGER products convince through forms and sharing but also through attractive thermal, sound insulation and excellent security. PVC, aluminum or alu-wood doors and windows with double glazing glass make possible the best comfort inside the house and full of architectural style of facade. Our choices in terms of shapes, colors and facades settings gives each a distinct character.

Versatile forms, wide range of colors, perfect functionality - these are some of the principles that lead us, in terms of design for PVC windows and doors with double glazing glass for homes and offices. But do not forget any of quality and maximum comfort. The Astra Roger window system meets the standards in the field of joinery. The PVC joinery systems offered by Astra Roger offer the greatest freedom in choosing.

Safety systems are provided with lock closure on both planes of PVC windows, aluminum or alu-wood. With the power handle in closed position, they are stuck in the special mounted locks, making it extremely difficult forcing the window from the outside. In addition, all windows with PVC double glazing glass are equipped with SECUSTICK handles provided with special locking systems, which cannot be forced from outside.