• The special relfexive foil assures the best thermo insulation, besides the thermopane;
  • The lateral panels made of zinc coated steel make a solid grip to the PVC or aluminum profile;
  • Suspending the window blinds from the PVC frame is made by flexible steel lamellas;
  • If necessary any interventions can be made through the revision lid;
  • Simple mounting with just a fixed aluminum rail;
  • You can choose betweenPVC or aluminum lamellas. The color range is very varied;
  • The final elementof the lamellas is made of aluminum. It also has a limitator, with two built-in variants;
  • When operating the shutter-rollyou can choose between different operating modes: electric switch by a wall-mounted switch, electric remote switch, crank switch or ribbon switch;
  • The windows blinds closing noises are diminishedbecause of the brushes and fittings from the sliding rails.