Cassonetto_php_2The Cassonetti PVC is well suited for renovations or new constructions, for repairs, for thermal insulation or soundproofing the outside noise. The 3-chamber PVC profile for the roller shutter box, alongside the frontal sadnwich insulation panel (24 mm) is a high-end product Thus, your client will be sure that the needed insulation is achieved, reducing maintenance and assembly costs.

The co-extruded insulation Cassonetti PVC roller shutter box is the ultimate evolution in the construction field. The profile has several insulation layers that help reduce production costs. The processing time shall also be reduced significantly, optimizing at the same time the production process. The innovative roller shutter box, developed by the italian producer I.P.A, represents the ultimate step in the development of PVC systems for saving energy and limiting heat loss.


  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Compatible with almost all window types
  • The main profile is highly adaptable, thanks to the multifunctional joints
  • It is both elegant and refined
  • Three chamber PVC profile


  • Structural stability
  • Multi-functionality
  • Soundproofing according to EU EN ISO 717-RW > 1 RW (C;Ctr)= 47 (-2; 6) dB
  • Excellent heat proofing *9,83 w/m2K)