The hardware gives mobility and functionality to the joinery. Each hardware element that is used at our windows bears the ROTO, world leader sign. Each of the hardware elements has been designed to fulfill several objectives at a time: durability security, and last, but not least, as less visibility as possible.


The Astra Roger windows come equipped with the latest and most performant opening / closing solutions. As standard, for the tilt @ turn opening, the windows have safety locks mounted on each side.

By moving the handle to the "closed" position, it locks in the special grip holds, mountef on the frame, thus making almost impossible for someone to open the window from the outside.

Astra Roger's windows' hardware assures a 15.000 closings/openings cycle, a performance that guarantees their resistance.

Our windows can be equipped also with hidden hardware, that keeps the safety and comfort elements, also offering an added style and elegance.

An important element in designing the window is the SECUSTICK handle that is moved just from the inside, by withdrawing the bolts just as necessary for the handle's rotation and it's griping in the next holder. This mechanism type prevents outside breaking by drilling a hole in the window's profile and using a secondary handle.



Astra Roger's windows can also be equipped with different colored handles, with or without a safety key (useful especially for children)

The MICROVENTILATION system that all of Astra Roger's windows benefit from assures a controlled ventilation of the rooms, that eliminates any condensation. This element doesn't affect in any form the security of your windows.