Tempered glass doors

ASTRA ROGER offers you now a new style for your home or office. The tempered glass doors offer a modern style to the interior space. They also have the advantage of letting inside the natural sun light. You can find now tempered glass interior doors in any Astra Roger showroom. They come in a wide range and vary from simple or double doors, sliding doors, manual or automatic, clear or opaque glass or even personalised ones.

Our tempered glass doors can cover any wall openings. The glass has a 10 mm thickness and can be shipped in different styles. We use DORMA or GEZE dampers for simple or double doors. Our doors have a weight of 25 kg/m2. You can find more details here.

Wooden case for glass doors

The tempered glass doors will surely attract attention. If you want to change your doors, but also keep that wooden elegance, you could choose one of our wooden cases for glass dors. These fit for various wall openings. The tempered glass we use has a 8 or 10 mm thickness, and can be delivered in various styles. The weight varies from 20 to 25 kg/m2. We use GEZE or DORMA door hardware.

Sliding glass doors

The sliding glass doors can be used for multiple reasons. They can be used as room doors, room dividers, dressing doors etc. Using this type of doors, one can take full advantage of the available space. That is why you can use these doors for living and office areas. The sliding doors have a 10 mm thickness, they weigh 25 kg/m2 and use DORMA or GEZE door hardware.

Glass room dividers

Glass room divinders are an alternative for the wide open spaces. They offer transparency, communication and let the sunlight pass from one space to annother. The room dividers are made from 10 mm thick tempered glass. We mount the glass on the wall using aluminium mounts and U shaped hardware on the flood. The price includes installation, except for metallic substructures execution and possible small masonry fixes or painting.