The PVC or PVC-plated aluminum joinery, alu-wood or aluminum one with double glazing glass offered by Astra Roger can satisfy the most demanding requests in choosing double glazing windows. The perfect combination of thermal insulation, security and technology can be maintained very easily. The execution technique also insures the best quality at a low price.

The joinery’s individual design has a key-role in the final construction’s aspect. The different parts of the facade, the doors and windows must meet more than simple insulation and security standards. As for the design, we value the color, form and functionality. So, with an Astra Roger PVC joinery, you can be sure that your choice will meet even the most exigent demands.

The sound insulation, or the thermal protection that the double glazing windows must offer are standards for nearly every producing factory. That is why the FereAstra Roger concept ensures more: comfort and pleasant design, resistance and high durability, but also minimal maintenance of each element.