Elegance and style

The aluminum coated woth wood joinery is the high-end of the window construction technology. This system combines the elegance of the wood with the resistance and flexibility of the aluminum. The exterior profile is made of extruded aluminum. The interior timber is available in several colors: oak, mahogany or nut tree.

Harmonious combination of these two elements brings classic and elegant style of the wood inside your home, while outside, aluminum's resistance ensure quality during the lifetime of your windows. In addition, the 2.1 insulation class profiles with 24 mm thermal breaking barrier made of polyamide reinforced with fiber glass ensure superior thermal insulation than other systems.


  • Frame's width is 72 mm. Sash width 94,3 mm.
  • Antistatic treatment.
  • The aluminum profile can be painted in any RAL color.
  • The aluminum is painted in electrostatic field.
  • Exceptional flexibility.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • One can mount 2 or 3 glass sheets.
  • All the ironworks elements are solidly fixed.
  • Excelent sound insulation made possible because of the profiles' width, and also becase of the thermo barrier.
  • Good protection against bad weather.



The profile's width is 72 mm. The mobile sheet's width is 94,3 mm. EPDM rubber sealing strips.


The outer aluminum frame has a very attractive design, while the timber brings into your home the elegant touch of the classic windows.