The aluminum joinery with double glazing glass is the ideal solution for complex buildings, to which sustainability becomes key factor.

Office buildings with curtain wall facades, buildings with large glass areas or buildings with design elements like cupolas, may be among the most common buildings to which aluminum joinery with thermo glass becomes necessary.

The unique combination of strength and low weight allows windows and aluminum profiles with double glazing glass to be elegant and easily integrated into all buildings. Because the aluminum profiles can be much finer, narrower than those of wood, windows and, in general, the aluminum joinery with double glazing glass allow more sunlight into your house.

Windows and aluminum doors with double glazing glass are painted in an electrostatic field in a wide range of colors to match perfectly with the design of the building.



  • At least 60 mm profile mounting depth
  • Three chambers aluminum profiles
  • Aluminum window profiles made by Gastaldello Sistemi Italia. Certificates UNI EN ISO 9001:2000
  • Aluminum windows profiles equiped with thermo breaking barrier, 24 mm, made of fiber glass reinforced polyamide
  • 2.1 w/mpK thermo insulation class for this type of windows
  • EPDS rubber sealing strips
  • This aluminum joinery is available in any RAL color

Advantages of aluminium joinery

  • Life lasting
  • The aluminum windows offer high protection against storms or strong winds.
  • The aluminum profiles have a high security protection against housebreaking attempts.
  • Excelent sound insulation offered by the the thermopane glass. The noise level can be reduced with up to 48 % more than the normal windows.
  • Rasy maintenance.
  • The aluminum profile with double glazing glass allows mounting extra safety elements.