Astra Roger's PVC profiles are armed with zinc coated steel. The Brugmann Salamander windows are anti-static treated, they are 100 % recyclable and also 100 % environmentaly friendly.

Brugmann Salamander PVC joinery characteristics:

  • Simple maintenance, eliminates periodical paint jobs.
  • Quality certificates for each type of Brugmann Salamander windows, according to the German RAL and ISO 9001 standards.
  • Double glazing glass PVC joinery offers high protection to fires, according to the DIN 410B2 standards.
  • Double glazing glass PVC joinery offers special phonic insulation. The noise is reduced with up to 45 decibels more than usual windows.
  • The Brugmann Salamander PVC window has a very good aging resistance. It is also resistant to the ultra-violet rays and to the temperature differences.
  • PVC, Ur=1,1 W/mpK thermo protection for the PVC profiles.

Technical data for Astra Roger joinery:

  • Class A, 5 chamber PVC profile system;
  • 73 mm profile depth;
  • Smooth, fine arch shapes for the frame;
  • Varied color palette;
  • 25° inclined PVC profile shape;
  • Profile welded fittings, with two isolation chambers;
  • You can mount 3 (2+1) glass sheets, 40 mm.


Choose your favorite color from a wide range: