The perfect mix

The S9000 system is the newest glazing windows generation, developed by Gealan, The innovative desitn and the STV glazing technology contribute massively to heating costs reduction and also CO2 emissions reduction.

The Gealan S9000 system has an 82,5 mm installation depth, 6 thermal insulation chambers and up to 3 sealing levels. The central flexible seal dramatically increases the thermal and sound insulation degree, protecting your home from air currents and moisture. The heat insulation coefficient is optimal, 0,92 W/m2K.

The STV static dry glazing system involves an adhesive tape used to bond the glass and sash profile. It was developed by Gealan to improve the glazing stiffness and stability. This means that we can build large enough window elements, even with triple glazing. These will always close perfectly, even after a long usage time.

The S9000 system also offers a single profile combination, called Gealan-Futura. By using this technology, we are able to build passive house compatible windows. These can be as high as 2,40 meters and have an excellent heat transfer coefficient, of just 0,89 W/m2K.

Gealan S9000


  • 26 mm up-stand height and deeper edge cover
  • Larger fitting steel forms for better balance between static and heat insulation
  • The 6 chambers profile in the frame, sash and mullion provides optimal sound and heat insulation
  • The STV system allows producing larger windows or doors and provides enhanced anti-burglar protection
  • Modern triple glazing, up to 52 mm thick can be used
  • Rich Acrylcolor color palette, wood finishes and aluminium coating availability

Gealan S9000

Gealan S9000


Standard wood finishes

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