The window of the future

The Salamander bE92 system, with a constructive depth of 92mm, is the system you don’t want to make compromises for when you choose home comfort and energy optimization, bluEvolution successfully combining both features.

Isolation through six chambers and three seals, combined with low height of only 118mm, which offer large glazing surfaces and a standard equipment with three sheets of glass totalizing 52mm, ecological, with a super dense surface, it represent the perfection - made in Germany.

This Salamander bE92 new generation of profile is the window of future, with a pragmatic design and a very low transfer coefficient, exceeding passive house standards and generating minimal heat loss.

The Salamander bE92 standard version can achieve a standard thermal transfer coefficient Uw of 0.83 W / mpK and since this ratio is much lower, your comfort increase and the heating costs are lower.

But  the Salamander bE92 profile offers a generous palette of colors, using the technique of wrapping the profiles or the application RAL colors. White is the brightest color, specific of Salamander line, with perfectly polished surfaces .



  • Class A profile system with 6 chambers
  • 92mm profile mounting depth
  • Curved wand
  • Fine arched shape in the exterior sash
  • Available in white, any other RAL color
  • 25 degrees inclination for the profiles’ shape
  • 3 gaskets
  • 25 mm rebate depth
  • 3 glass sheets, 52mm trypan
  • Reinforced with galvanized steel, thickness 1.5 mm min
  • Excellent thermal and sound insulation, because of the chambers deep
  • Uf = 1.1 W / mpK


You can choose one of the colors below:

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