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The VEKA Softline 70 AD system uses a 5-chamber profile, with a 70 mm installation depth. Its elegant countour edges are slightly rounded, assuring small visible surfaces and seals, no matter what installation method you choose. Should you search for the optimal price/quality report, you can rest assured that the VEKA 70AD profile is the right choice.
Having a lifespan of 50 years (for the white coloured profile), VEKA 70AD is available in both semi and recessed versions. The main advantage is that, using VEKA 70AD system, we can build for you any type of window, thus being able to perfectly blend it with your home architecture.
More than that, the VEKA 70AD profiles are fully compatible with the Swingline system. Each VEKA 70AD profile is certified to respect the European quality standards, such as RAL A Class and SR EN 12608 A Class.
Depending on the glazing of your choice, VEKA 70AD can assure optimal thermal insulation and a heat transfer coefficient of up to 1,0 W/m2K, when used with warm edge. The VEKA 70AD configuration allows glazings of 6-42 mm, depending on the bead used. Also, the VEKA Softline 70AD system comes in almost 50 RAL colors, including metal platings, aluminum platings or wood finishes.

profil fereastra veka softline 70


  • 5-chamber profile with a standard installation depth of 70 mm and a profile height of 99-176 mm
  • Slightly rounded contours and edges and a 3 mm exterior panels width, corresponding to the A-class profile system
  • The heat insulation coefficient is up to 1,0 W/m2K, depending on the type of glazing you choose
  • The profile is reinforced with at least 1,5 mm galvanized metal, thus being able to sustain both double and triple glazings. It is also fully compatible with all the Swingline, Topline and other certified quality assured hardware
  • It can be used for all kinds of windows, and you can add details such as special forms (eg. Arches, gables or bays), but also for parallel slide and tilt doors.

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More than 50 RAL colors available




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