Astra Roger’s reccomendations for buying PVC windows or PVC and aluminium joinery with thermopane glass

For the PVC windows you want to but to give you maximum satisfaction, after mounting, the joinery must fulfill all the necessary quality standards. That is why your PVC joinery must be designed according to your requests. It must also benefit of a quality construction precess, but also a professional fitting.

Thermopane design (that is PVC or aluminium, or aluminium wood joinery, windows, doors or accesories) will be correctly made when the designer takes into consideration all the elements that define the joinery: the right opening type, according to the joinery’s destination, the correct type for the themopane glass, according to the thermal, sound insulation standards and profiles’ type. All of this must be done taking into consideration the colour or mechanical resistance.

Do not buy products without prior conclusion of a contract and without charge! Without these, you can’t get a warranty, and in case of any claim, you will remain without legal cover.

After you will be assured that the PVC and aluminum windows with low-emissivity glass have exactly the right configuration and appropriate materials and their construction is executed on a corresponding line, for a professional complete mounting, the PVC windows need to be installed by qualified technicians.

Professional installation of the windows starts from taking measures to correct execution of frames to be mounted. If renovations (the replacement of old wooden windows or obsolete PVC or aluminum) have to be made, we recommend that the new PVC, aluminum or aluminum-timber windows are mounted to fit the old place, as close as possible to the exterior masonry leftover. If you choose PVC, aluminum or aluminum-timber windows, they will be placed in the middle of the wall thickness close to its thermal insulation layer. Any movement of the PVC, aluminum or aluminum-timber windows in the indicated area may affect the quality of installation, favoring partial condensation on windows or in areas immediately adjoining them.

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