Behind our products is a dynamic team with more than 25 years of experience in the field of PVC and aluminum windows and doors with double-glazed  thermal insulating glass. We have always aimed for performance, quality and innovative design in producing our thermal-insulated windows and doors. Therefore, the guarantee of the quality of our products is doubled by our team's professionalism.

Our consultants are always prepared to choose the window and door system with double-glazed thermal insulating glass best suited to each client and satisfy even the most demanding ones.

That is precisely why Astra Roger windows rely on the quality which we have come to expect from our german PVC profiles, renowned throughout Europe and ISO 9001 and RAL certified. Additionally, each one of our profiles is produced according to the RAL Mark of Quality, the highest distinction that can be given to such products by the German Institute of Quality Control.

As far as our customer service, we have chosen to foster a relationship based on professionalism, collaboration, transparency, and respect. Each one of our consultants will offer you the most suitable solution when it comes to PVC and aluminum windows and doors with double-glazed glass, triple glazed windows, and accessories.  The solutions chosen by our team of professionals is the key to your project's success. Therefore, Astra Roger windows are the ideal product for even the most demanding clients.