Astra Roger is a Romanian company founded in 1991. We have over 25 years of experience in manufacturing and assembling PVC, aluminum, and aluminum-wood with thermal insulating glass windows and doors.

Thought this entire time, we have continuously invested in the technology used in our production lines, and the qualification of our employees, according to German quality standards. Presently, Astra Roger has made investments which amount to 9 million euros in the field of  

Thus, we have brought high-quality, reliable products, which are fully manufactured in Germany, such as VEKA, Gealan or Salamander to the Romanian PVC window and door market.
The most important aspect of this partnership is, however, the RAL MARK OF QUALITY certification, which every product bears. That is the highest distinction that can be given to profile materials in Europe, and you can, therefore, rest assured that every Astra Roger window respects the highest industry standards.

Currently, PVC and aluminum windows and doors with double-glazed thermal insulating glass, the Astra Roger accessories.