The hardware stands for the parts which ensure the mobility and functionality of PVC, aluminum, or aluminum-wood windows and doors.

The hardware used by Astra Roger is either Maco or Roto, companies that are global leaders in the industry. Each hardware element is designed to fulfill multiple objectives: durability, security, and, last but not least, as low visibility as possible.
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Astra Roger windows are equipped with the latest solutions for opening and closing. The default hardware our tilt-opening windows are equipped with is safety locking cams, fitted on both sides of the window.

By moving the handle into the closed position, these lock in special places, fitted on the frame, and make it difficult to open the window from the outside by forcing it.

The hardware of Astra Roger windows ensures 15.000 opening/ closing cycles, thus guaranteeing excellent resistance.

Astra Roger windows can be fitted with hidden hardware, which maintains the same safety and comfort of regular hardware but offers additional elegance and finer design.

An important element in designing windows is the Secustick handle, which can only be operated from the inside by operating the handle, withdrawing the bolts the necessary amount for the handle's rotation and griping in the next holder. The gripping of these bolts sounds like a series of clicks, which you will be able to hear while operating the handle. This type of mechanism thus prevents breaking and entering.
he Astra Roger windows can be fitted with handles in a wide range of colors, and safety keys (predominantly to prevent it from being open by children).

The MICROVENTILATION system, which all PVC tilt-opening windows are equipped with, ensures the controlled ventilation of rooms and contributes to the elimination of condensation. This element does not affect the safety level of the windows.