Exterior roller shutters offer efficient protection against sun rays, bright lights, and prying eyes. On cold winter days, heat is trapped inside, ensuring comfort. According to studies conducted, it is proven that using roller shutters can reduce thermal energy consumption by up to 10%, and during summertime, using roller shutters can render an air conditioning system futile.


Exterior roller shutters are manufactured out of aluminum blades (ok) or PVC, which wrap themselves around a tumbler/ drum embedded in the superior part of the window. These can either be manually or automatically operated, with the use of a switch or remote control.

  • The special, reflective film ensures the best thermal insulation, in addition to the window itself.
  • The lateral, galvanized steel tables provide the box with a solid grip on the PVC or aluminum profile.
  • Suspending the window blinds from the PVC frame is made possible by the flexible steel blades.
  • If necessary, interventions can be made anytime through the revision lid.
  • The adhering of the box to the PVC, aluminum, or aluminum-wood window is done with a stationary aluminum railing
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