The PVC, Aluminum and Wood Windows and Doors offered by Astra Roger can satisfy even the most demanding clients when it comes to picking windows and doors. The perfect fusion of thermal insulation, security, and technology makes it so that or windows and doors are very easy to maintain. The manufacturing technique of our systems also ensures the best price-quality ratio.
The individual design of our windows and doors equipped with thermal insulated glass plays a key role in the final aspect of manufacturing. Key pieces of a facade, the PVC, aluminum or aluminum-wood windows and doors need to be more than insulators with excellent security. When it comes to the design of our windows and doors, we value color, shape, and functionality, and if you have chosen Astra Roger windows and doors, you can be sure your choice will meet all your expectations.

Security or thermal and heat insulation are something windows and doors must offer nowadays, and is something you can expect from most PVC, aluminum or aluminum-wood window and door manufacturers. However, Astra Roger windows provide much more: comfort and appealing design, resistance and great durability, but also minimal upkeep required of every PVC, aluminum, or aluminum-wood element equipped with thermal insulated glass.