The VEKA Softline 70AD is a profile system with 5 isolating chambers, 70 mm in width. The elegant shape of the profile has slightly rounded edges, which ensure attractive surfaces, regardless of the installation method chosen. When you are looking for the optimal price-quality ratio, you can be sure that the VEKA Softline 70AD system is the right choice.

With a life expectancy of up to 50 years (for the white model), the VEKA Softline 70AD system is available in semi and non-coplanar versions. Their advantage is that using the VEKA 70AD profiles, we can manufacture any kind of interior closing window, including parallel sliding models or outside-opening models. Additionally, VEKA 70AD is also compatible with the Swingline system for glass rod, frame, mullion or sash. Every VEKA 70AD profile strictly adheres to RAL Class A and SR EN 12608 class A quality requirements.

Depending on the glass used, the VEKA 70AD system can ensure optimal thermal insulation of up to Uw 1,0 W/m2k. The configuration of the VEKA 70AD systems allows glass widths between 24-40 mm, depending on the glass rod used. The Softline 70AD can be delivered in 50 RAL colors, including metallic foils, aluminum plating, or wood imitations.

The profile system

  • 70 mm profile width and internal geometry with 5 isolating chambers
  • Elegant, slightly rounded edges
  • Exterior walls with a width of 3 mm, in accordance with the highest quality standard, RAL "Class A"
  • Design with semi-coplanar or non-coplanar surfaces
  • Profile combination height of 99-176 mm (ok)
  • Galvanized steel reinforcements in accordance with VEKA indications regarding reinforcements of minimum 1,5 mm
  • The system allows for glass rod, frame, mullion or sash interchanges with the SWINGLINE system
  • The system allows for aluminum plating on the outside.
  • The possibility of foiling in nearly 50 colors or wood imitations, either on both sides or just on the exterior or interior.

VEKA quality

  • The VEKA profiles, produced in Germany, have a wall width in accordance with DIN EN 12608 - Class A
  • Strengthened outer and important-area walls (ok)
  • Additional stability through reinforcement with galvanized steel for excellent durability and greater safety over time
  • Exceptional thermal transfer coefficients to ensure efficient thermal insulation, even for very large glazed surfaces which allow for a greater intake of natural sunlight on the interior

Energetic efficiency

  • Thermal insulation in accordance with EN ISO 10077-1 and EN ISO 12567-1
  • Sound insulation in accordance with EN ISO 140-3 and EN ISO 717-1
  • Wind load resistance in accordance with EN 12211
  • Air permeability in accordance with EN 1026
  • Water sealing in accordance with EN 1027
  • Burglary resistance in accordance with EN 1627 - 1630 up to resistance class II
  • Safety device endurance in accordance with EN 14609

Sealing system

  • Two levels of sealing with quality, EPDM seals
  • Sealing in the perimeter of the glass rod as well as in the sash
  • Colors: gray, black or caramel

The window glass space

  • 21 mm width
  • Thermal insulating glass width: Because of the glass' configuration, it allows for widths from 24 mm up to 40 mm (depending on the glass rod used).

Design and Durability

  • Numerous design options with over 50 colors, decorative elements, and aluminum plating
  • Ecological due to the streamlined manufacturing process with few wasted resources
  • The SOFTLINE 7O profiles are 100% recyclable

Standard colors

Extra-standard colors

Special colors