The Gealan 8000 systems combine modern and classic, elegant design. Having a 74 mm profile depth, this system was created to ensure cost-efficiency.


For that same purpose, the principal isolation chamber is enlarged, which allows for the installation of larger reinforcements. Additionally, the efficient use of materials and the profile's configuration allow for the use of only one reinforcement for the frame, respectively the sash (galvanized steel, 1,5 mm wide), and accommodate for a maximum profile height of up to 2,30 meters.



The patented GECCO ventilation system allows for better control of the airflow from the outside to the inside, which makes for a better environment and increased comfort.

The multi-chamber structure is flexible and can be adapted for systems with 5 or 6 isolating chambers. The sealing system makes use of two seals and allows for a thermal insulation coefficient of up to 1,1 W/m2K, depending on the glass used.


Over 50 colors available, including wood imitations. The Acrycolor system offers a wide range of colors, and double the resistance of standard, white, PVC windows, including towards scratches.



  • 74 mm depth
  • 6 large isolation chambers
  • Galvanized steel reinforcements, 1,5 mm
  • A sealing system with two gaskets
  • Patented GECCO ventilation system
  • Thermal transfer coefficient of up to 1,1 W/m2K, depending on the glass used
Gealan S8000
Gealan S8000

Culori standard

Culori acrylcolor

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