Lift and Slide Windows/Doors VEKAMOTION


The lift and slide doors VEKAMOTION are the ideal solution for customers looking for large glass surfaces which provide light and character to a home.

The main advantage of the sliding system for windows and doors is the integration of large glass surfaces into slim frames, Therefore, surfaces of up to 17,55 m2 (Lmax = 6,5 ml and Hmax = 2,7 ml) can be enclosed. (* white color)

The VEKA MOTION 82 system for sliding windows and doors fullfils all energetic efficiency, ergonomy and aesthetic criteria. Wide profiles and hardware with a big capacity

Glass thickness of up to 52 mm makes using glasses with increased thermal protection possible, and therefore makes it possible to reach values of up to Uw = 0,7 W / (m²K) when a strong triple glaze is used.

The profile system

  • Sliding system, operated by lifting
  • 194 mm depth
  • 5 interior chambers for thermal insulation
  • Elegant edges with a classic design
  • Thermal insulation coefficient of up to 0,7 W/m²K depending on the window package chosen (thermal insulation, sound-insulation or special glass)
  • Exterior wall thickness of 3 mm – Class A according to the European standard SR EN 12608


Panoramic sliding doors with large glass surfaces and slim profiles

VEKAMOTION 82 MAX has an interior profile width of just 28 mm and a visible glass surface of 7 cm larger in width and 13 cm larger in height.

The HST profiles system allows the plastering of the frame to be almost complete, for an almost frameless exterior view and the new PVC treshold achives an easy passage without barriers and ensures optimal energy efficiency.


VEKA Quality

  • The VEKA profiles, manufactured in Germany have a wall thickness in accordance with DIN EN 12608 – class A
  • Strong exterior walls  also in areas of importance in functionality.
  • Additional stability through galvanized steel reinforcements, for excellent durability and increased security over time
  • Exceptional thermal transfer coefficients for efficient thermal insulation, even for large, beautiful glass surfaces which allow for more natural light to pass through

Energetic eficiency

  • Thermal insulation in accordance with EN ISO 10077-1 and EN ISO 12567-1
  • Sound insulation in accordance with EN ISO 140-3 and EN ISO 717-1
  • Wind load resistance in accordance with EN 12211
  • Air permeability in accordance with EN 1026
  • Water sealing in accordance with EN 1027
  • Burglary protection in accordance with EN 1627 – 1630, up to class II of resistance
  • Resistance capacity of safety devices in accordance with EN 14609

The sealing system

  • Sealing system with quality gaskets from EPDM material
  • Available colours: grey, black and caramel

Thermal insulating glass

The robust system can support thermal insulating glass packages with 2 or even 3 sheets of glass with tickness of up to 52 mm, sound-insulating packages or even special glass

Design and Durability

  • Option for foiling in over 50 colours or wood imitations, either on both sides, or just the exterior or interior.
  • The system allows aluminium platting on the outside.

Constructive schemes

Scheme A
Scheme C
Scheme K
Scheme K

Standard Colors

Extra-Standard Colors

Special Colors

The VEKA SPECTRAL windows stand for quality and innovation

The design of the VEKA spectral windows represents a special experience and instantly engages the senses with its beauty and elegance.
VEKA SPECTRAL paves a new aesthetic dimension through:
  • Delicate and refined varnishing of the surfaces
  • Incomparable aesthetics, which amaze through unmatched color brilliance
  • The VEKA standard of quality is unparalleled by the complexity of the manufacturing technology, which defines VEKA products
  • Unique, superior resistance to scratches or natural external factors
  • A special product, intended exclusively for VEKA partners

  • The profiles' appeal is immediate, both on sight, through its remarkable color, as well as at the touch, through its delicate surface
  • Its surfaces are treated with special varnishing products to grant it increased resistance to scratches, abrasions and aggressive substances from the surrounding environment.
  • The stability of the profiles is given by the minimal heat absorption.
  • Whatever the temperature or humidity level may be, the profiles will maintain their high resistance.
  • All processed surfaces are tested in accordance with RAL procedures.
  • We are always a trustworthy partner, and we offer a 10-year warranty when it comes to weather resistance.
VEKA Spectral

Spectral colors

The colors on our website are an example and can be different from the actual shade. We are not responsible for the possible color differences between the one displayed on your monitor and the product's.