PSK tilt and slide windows and doors


It has a double opening system: sliding opening through which the space inside the room is protected and a folding opening that offers the possibility to ventilate the room, without creating drafts; this system ensures a very good seal.

They are specially designed to be used for openings with long lengths and heights, using PVC profile systems (Veka and Gealan) with 5.6 or 7 insulation chambers inside. Allows openings up to 1.5 m / sash and heights of max. 2.3 m. Thick thermal insulation glass can be installed to ensure superior sound and thermal insulation.
The sliding mechanism involves the forced control of tilting so that the door can be operated with one hand, very easily. The gaskets placed along the entire contour of the door ensure optimal sealing of the system, and the heat transfer is given by the thickness and number of insulation chambers of the PVC profile used. 

The mechanisms of the sliding-swing doors ensure by themselves easy and easy actions, but also safety in operation. In this way the destruction of the hardware, of the profiles, but also of the structure as a whole is prevented. Thanks to the running rails mounted at the bottom of the door, the sash slides easily, quietly and precisely in the open or closed position. 

The statics for oscillating-sliding doors are influenced by the restrictions given by the maximum weight allowed by the trolleys used. They are equipped with trolleys that can withstand weights of 160-200 kg.

VEKA quality

  • VEKA profiles produced in Germany have wall thicknesses according to DIN EN 12608 - class A.
  • Strong walls in the exterior area, as well as in areas of importance in functionality
  • Additional stability by galvanized steel reinforcement, for excellent durability and increased safety over time
  • Exceptional heat transfer coefficients for efficient thermal insulation, even in the case of very large and attractive glazed surfaces that allow a greater contribution of natural light inside

Energetic efficiency

  • thermal insulation according to EN ISO 10077-1 and EN ISO 12567-1
  • sound insulation (acoustic performance) according to EN ISO 140-3 and EN ISO 717-1
  • wind load resistance according to EN 12211
  • air permeability according to EN 1026
  • water tightness according to EN 1027
  • burglary resistance according to EN 1627 - 1630 up to resistance class II
  • resistance capacity of safety devices according to EN 14609


Insulating glass

Robust system that can support thermal insulating glass packages with 2 sheets of glass up to 44 mm thick, soundproofing packages or even special glass

Design and Durability

  • Possibility of foils in over 50 colors or imitations of wood, either on both sides, or only on the outside or only on the inside
  • The system allows aluminum cladding on the outside

Standard colors

Extra-standard colors

Special colors