EKOSOL sliding windows and doors


Ekosol sliding doors are made using the VEKA EKOSOL sliding system which has a profile construction depth of 70 mm and an internal geometry divided into 3 thermal insulation chambers. The Ekosol Slide profile has a classic design given by the slightly rounded edges.

  • system with heel profile depth of 70 mm and internal geometry with 3 insulation chambers
  • elegant edges with a classic design-exterior wall thickness of 3 mm according to the highest quality standard RAL "Class A"
  • the constructive depth of the sash profile 170 mm
  • height of the profile combination: 131 - 146.5 mm
  • galvanized steel reinforcement according to Veka reinforcement requirements, minimum 2 mm
  • thickness of the insulating glazing: due to the configuration of the fold, glazing from 6 mm to 24 mm is possible (depending on the rod used)
  • possibility of foils in almost 50 colors or imitations of wood, both on both sides or only on the outside or only on the inside



Insulating glass

Robust system that can support thermal insulating glass packages with 2 sheets of glass up to 24 mm thick, soundproofing packages or even special bottles

Design and Durability

Possibility of foils in over 50 colors or imitations of wood, either on both sides, or only on the outside or only on the inside

Standard colors

Extra-standard colors

Special colors