Slide Windows and Doors GEALAN SMOOVIO


The innovative sliding system from GEALAN

Living space is precious, and should therefore be used optimally. For the first time ever,  GEALAN-SMOOVIO® combines the added comfort of sliding with the benefit of exceptional sealing. A combination of newly developed fixing elements, innovative profile geometry and optimized gaskets makes it all possible.

  • The sliding system as a product alternative for  PSK/ PS systems or simple solutions for sliding elements;
  • Various implementation possibilities in the private sector and the project sector;
  • Simple operation, easy to use;
  • High sealing because of the marginal closure sealing plan;
  • Usefulness even in renovation areas;
  • Fast production of the sliding elements because of the minimal amount of special profiles and accessories.
  • Clear distinction from HST S9000 (size, accessibility, thermal insulation)

The sealing system

  • Sealing system with quality gaskets made of EPDM
  • Colour options: grey, black, caramel

Thermal insulating glass

The robust system can support thermal insulating glass packages with 2 or even 3 sheets of glass with widths of up to 46 mm, sound-insulating packages or even special glass

Design and Durability

  • Option for foiling in over 50 colours or wood imitations, either on both sides, or just the exterior or interior.
  • The system allows for aluminium platting on the outside

Constructive schemes

Scheme A
Scheme C

Realwood – Exclusive Colors

Standard Colors

Extra-Standard Colors


GEALAN-Smoovio se bazează pe componentele feroneriei Roto Patio Inowa

+ O manevrare foarte usoara, chiar si pentru elemente grele datorita functionarii speciale a manerului;
+ Închidere perfecta datorită închiderii speciale a elementelor de blocare ale feroneriei pe profilul de toc;
+ Punctele de blocare controlate pe 3 laturi asigura o etansare perfecta;
+ O mișcare de închidere inovatoare pe profilul de toc;
+ Toate punctele de inchidere sunt controlate de mâner.